Jason Oddy
Further work

Focused on the built environment and often inflected with a political angle, Oddy's work is above all interested in the way human ideas and beliefs find material expression. His numerous projects have seen him explore places as diverse as Neue Prora the three-kilometre long Nazi holiday camp on the Baltic island of Rügen, airport chapels the world over, London's abandoned BBC TV Centre, a NATO radar station on Britain's most northerly island Unst, an army officer's club in Minsk, the free-floating architecture of Silicon Valley as well as the celestially sterile design of morgues.

In each case he has worked at the level of both the series and the single image, attempting to photographically condense and make visible the often unusual and at times contentious histories and ideologies that have collected in these places. Through stilling the effects of manmade space, by lending them a veneer of objectivity, Oddy's meditative and compelling work invites us to consider how just as we inhabit architecture it might also inhabit us.