Jason Oddy
Guantanamo Bay

One of the most important aspects of Oddy’s work is his ability to access off-limits places. Six months after his investigation of the Pentagon he managed to negotiate his way into Guantanamo Bay. Coinciding with the height of America’s War on Terror his visit to this Caribbean naval base and prison camp was tightly controlled. Each time he took a picture the position of his camera, even the direction in which he could point his lens had to be officially sanctioned. While the choice of which pictures to take remained his, in the end he came away with a series of images that was effectively pre-edited. To ensure that he did not simply repeat or even reinforce the Bush administration’s glossed-over narrative, Oddy decided to present each picture alongside its literal negative. A strategy designed both to call attention to the invisible censorship and also to negate any possible messages the US military’s department of public affairs might have hoped these highly supervised photographs would convey.