Jason Oddy
The Pentagon

A fortnight before America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq Oddy spent a week inside the Pentagon.  Granted wide-ranging access, he wandered the corridors, offices, war rooms and media centres with his 5x4 camera in tow.  What his deliberate and unflinching photographs show is a building designed to configure and distribute power.  Look at these pictures long enough and they also reveal the hyper-functionalist mindset that devised this, the largest office building on earth.  Yet, as this series also attests, behind this dream of machine-like efficiency lurks a fear of and even longing for disorder and death.  In the empty folders discarded in one of the endless corridors.  In the curtains only partially drawn across the ‘Top Secret’ invasion plans for Iraq. And in the photograph of a painting of a fighter jet plunging towards a polished table, the very spot where, only 18 months before Oddy took this picture, American Airlines Flight 77 smashed into the Pentagon.