Jason Oddy

Fiction, writings on art, photography, politics, architecture and other things

May 2017 Notes du désert. Grasset, Paris.
Apr 2017 All That Is Solid. Published in the review Le Courage, Paris.
Nov 2015 'One photo'. Published in the journal Photography and Culture.
Jun 2010 'Points of View' at the British Library Galleries. Aperture.
Nov 2009 Clifford Ross at Robilant & Voena. Art On Paper.
May 2009 An Outsider's Guide To Getting Inside Places Only Insiders Normally Get To Go. Art On Paper.
Apr 2009 Shirana Shahbazi at the Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris. Aperture.
Jan 2009 The Brighton Photo Biennial. Aperture.
Nov 2007 Behind The Wall, review of Do Not Refreeze, East German photography the Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester. Aperture.
Sep 2007 Beyond Photography. Can art ever capture the horrors of war? Art Review.
Apr 2007 Back to the Land. Aperture.
Sep 2006 White Light: View from Valencia. Modern Painters.
Feb 2006 Silent Witness. Rineke Dijkstra. Modern Painters.
Dec 2005 Thomas Demand. Next Level.
Dec 2005 Photo London. Aperture.
Nov 2005 Nothing To See Here. Jorg Sasse. Modern Painters.
Oct 2005 New Romantic. Daniel Buren in Grasmere. Modern Painters.
Oct 2005 Rencontres d’Arles Review. Modern Painters.
May 2005 Time, photographs, ruins. Dan Dubowitz. Catalogue essay.
Mar 2005 Movement’s The Thing. Richard Kirwan. Catalogue essay.
Dec 2004 Man Out Of Time. Hiroshi Sugimoto. Modern Painters.
Dec 2004 Can't See The Forest For The Trees. Lisa Ruyter. Modern Painters.
Oct 2004 Shadow Play. Denny Robson. Catalogue essay.
Jun 2004 Machine Powered Pictures. Sarah Morris. Modern Painters.
Mar 2004 Second Skin. Modern Painters.
Jun 2003 Making The Past Present. Joel Sternfeld. Modern Painters.
Dec 2002 The Impossibility Of Storytelling. Julia Dogra-Brazell. Next Level.
Sep 2002 A Democratic Eye. William Eggleston. Modern Painters.
Mar 2002 A Spatial Art. Interview with Daniel Libeskind. Modern Painters.
Jun 2001 Peter Davies. Modern Painters.
Mar 2001 Copy This! Thomas Demand. Modern Painters.
Mar 2001 It Is Art Now! Photography issue editorial. Modern Painters.
Dec 2000 Death In The Sun. The Museum Of Death. Modern Painters.
Sep 2000 The Disappearance Of The Human. Craig Kalpajian. Modern Painters.
Sep 2000 Perfidy at La Tourette review. The Independent.
Jun 2000 An Outsider Art. What Painting Can Learn From Photography. Modern Painters.
Jan 2000 A Serious Case Of Tunnel Vision. James Casebere. The Independent.
Jul 1999 Focus On A Double life. Catherine Yass. The Independent.
Apr 1999 The New Unromantics. The Becher School. The Independent.
Feb 1999 Africa Is Where We Live. Seydou Keita. The Independent.